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Charger, Electric Car
With the surging demand for electric vehicles and government legislation to fight climate change, car manufacturers all over the world are releasing new models. But with so...
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Electric Fleet, Retail
As the way we fill up our vehicles changes fundamentally, fuel retailers find themselves in the middle of this transition. Indeed, many are already investing to tap into the...
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Commercial EV, Market
The rise of electric mobility continues to surge, more and more forward-thinking organizations are opening their eyes to the potential of this new, and rapidly growing market that...
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Battery, Wireless
Marelli introduces a new Wireless Distributed Battery Management System (wBMS) electric vehicles, which is expected to bring noticeable advantages over wired distributed...
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Automakers, Factory
It’s not a secret that automakers are often following closely what the competition is doing in an attempt to never lag behind their direct market rivals. We’ve seen companies...
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Charger, Tesla
Plans for a huge and feature filled Supercharger station in California include details related to a diner, a drive-in movie theater, and more. CEO Elon Musk has been floating this...
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The fleet of EVs on the road will hit 77 million by 2025 and 229 million by 2030, based on BNEF's Economic Transition Scenario. Become the revolution.