Democratized, sustainable ride hailing & sharing technology, for drivers and passengers who care about the environment, economic equity & fair wages for drivers.

Get where you need to go. The right way.

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Sustainable ride hailing and sharing for Individuals, governments, and businesses.

Drive consciously and earn 85% of all ride revenue. OWN your environmentally friendly ride hailing business & Get tax credits.
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Low cost, environmentally conscious ride hailing services for passengers who care about the environment. Sign up for a chance to win $1000 in rides this year!
1 billion rides world wide
2.5 tons of CO2 reduced per person per year
$80k /yr on average per Driver
1 billion rides World wide
2.5 tons of CO2 reduced per person per year
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$ 0K
$80k /yr on average per Driver
We are ready for a zero emissions planet. Are you?
2024 Goal : 10 million Electric, hydrogen powered, or other environmentally friendly ride hailing vehicles on road every year.

Our target every year is 10 million electric, hydrogen powered, or other environmentally friendly transportation vehicles on the road starting from 2023.

Yes absolutely! You are eligible and will be entered into a drawing once you have signed up and have made at least 1 qualifying transport or drop off transaction in the quarter of the drawing.
No, absolutley not! We are welcoming all drivers with existing gas/petroleum/or hybrid powerd cars to onboard unto our platform on our mission to a zero emissions planet. Drivers (Users ) must acknowledge that they have a valid drivers & business license to operate such vehicles in a ride hailing, ride sharing or delivery capacity.
You OWN your pikkapp business. PIKKAPP is just a technology company facilitating a means and providing the tools for your ride hailing and ride sharing businesses to operate efficiently and profitability while still protecting the environment.

We are preserving the earth, 1 driver, one EV, 1 rider, 1 trip at a time

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Join the Pikkapp community in our mission to democratize ride hailing, increase driver revenue, put the power into the hands of independent drivers and fleet owners, whiles contributing to a more sustainable planet.